Congress District President died due to heart-attack on Vote Counting Center

Sihor District Congress President Ratan Singh Thakur died at the vote counting center due to heart-attack in Sehore, Madhya Pradesh. It is being told that Ratan Singh Thakur had come to see the counting of votes at the counting center but suddenly he fell unconscious.

People present at the counting centers said that Sehore District Congress President Ratan Singh Thakur had come to the counting center with his colleagues. After seeing the results he fell down and then, peoples taken him to hospital but He died.

It is known that counting of Lok Sabha elections is going on in the country. In trends, BJP is crossing 300 cross-mark. In Madhya Pradesh, especially BJP is going to win big. Many of the Congress veterans are defeated.

In the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, BJP got a huge majority in Madhya Pradesh. Among the 29 Lok Sabha seats, BJP has occupied 27 seats. Whereas Congress won only two seats.

However, despite the Modi wave, Guna and Chhindwara seats of Madhya Pradesh could not be taken away from the Congress. But this time the remaining seats of Congress are also seen going.

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