Viral Video : BJP Flag hoisting in Baluchistan? Here's the truth

A video now-a-days viral on social media in which some peoples are hoisting flags of Bhartiya Janta Party. The video is viral with a caption that states :

Viral Video Screenshot

Translation in English : BJP's first branch has opened! In India, often traitors have been waving Indian Pakistani flags, but today i was happy, after seeing the sight.

We at JanSankalp checked the authenticity of this viral video...

We first did Google Reverse Image search and found a video on Twitter handle of a BJP member from Jammu and Kashmir who was going to fill his nomination form from Anantnag constituency and posted this video. Which later on circulated with fake message and became viral.

Here's the tweet by BJP member :

Here's a side-by-side comparison between viral video and video available on BJP member's Twitter account.

Until now, the video is shared by 12,000+ peoples on Facebook and WhatsApp.

Fact-Check Result

!!Fake Video!!

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